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A note of thanks

At the end of this remarkable year, I wish to express my sincere gratitude, also on behalf of the other editors, the members of the editorial board and the publisher of The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery (EJNPN), to the referees of the articles considered for the 2021 volume of EJNPN. Hundreds of busy colleagues have spent their time in assessing close to 551 manuscripts submitted to our journal, up from around 308 in 2020, in selecting the ones that may possibly be published, and in improving the quality of the selected articles. Many of the reviewers have helped us in the past years as well, and we are tremendously appreciative and grateful to them. It is largely thanks to them that EJNPN is doing well in attracting and publishing articles in the field of clinical neurosciences, including neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery. The journal presents cutting edge research on technical and clinical studies of health, ethical and social issues in the field of clinical neurosciences.

Gellan Karamallah Ahmed
Ali Abou Elmaaty
Wafik Bahnasy
Mohamed Negm
Heba Elshahawi
Mohamed Abdallah Abbas
Iman Mansour
Masaru Tanaka
Noha Abokrysha
Nourelhoda Haridy
Taqwa Abd El Azim
Mohamed Abd Elhameed
Eman Abdeldayem
Ann Abdel-Kader
Osama Abdelwahab
Ahmed Abdelwarith
Ashraf Abdou
Ahmed Abdullah
Ahmed Abouhagar
Hisham Aboul-Enein
Walid Abouzeid
Lamia Afifi
Sandra Ahmed
Geraldine Ahmed
Lobna Al Nabil
Mohamed Alaa
Ahmed Mohammed Alaa Alaa Eldin
Taher Ali
Ahmad Allam
Wael Almeiry
Taha Aloush
Mohamed Arnaout
Radwa Azmy
Radwa Bakry
Louncény Fatoumata Barry
Mye Basheer
Tamer Belal
Ehab Belal
Ahmed Boraei
Samuele Cortese
Costanzo De Bonis
Tarek Desoky
Magdi Edarous
Amira El Gohary
Sherine El Mously
Tamer El Serafy
Hytham Elatrozy
Mahmoud Eleweidy
Nervana Elfayoumy
Hanan Elgendy
Ahmed Elgheriani
Hala Elhabashy
Yomna Elhawary
Magdy Elhawary
Amr Elkatatny
Takwa Elkhatib
Hala elKhawas
Roshdy Elkhayat
Saly Elkholy
Ashraf El-Mitwalli
Amal elMotayam
Mohamed Elsamahy
Ahmed Elshanawany
Amr Elshehaby
Tamer Emara
Abdel Rahman Enayet
Rasha Fahmi
Nagia Fahmy
Fatma Fathalla
Shereen Fathi
Mai Fathy
Mostafa fikry Tantawy
Mohamed Fouad
Nathan Fountain
Vinu Gopal
Saber Hadad
Nermin Hamdy
Waeel Hamouda
Noha Hashim
Amr Hassan
Farouk Hassan
Maha Hassan
Mohamed Hegazy
Roger Ho
Rania Ismail
Walaa Kamel
Mohamed Khalil
Emankhedr Khedr
Nirmeen Kishk
Mamdouh Kotb
Alia Mansour
Asmaa Mohamed
Wafaa Mohamed
Nesreen Mohsen
Alshimaa Mokhtar
Mona Nada
Rania Nageeb
Amani Nawito
Tarek Okasha
Mohammed Oraby
Wesam Osama
Giovanni Putzu
Osama Ragab
Mohamed Ragaee
Hebatallah Rashed
Tamer Roushdy
Nahed Salah
Ghada Salah El-Deen
Mohamed Salama
Mohammad Sehlo
Andrei Sergeev
Hala Shaheen
Nevin Shalaby
Ali Shalash
Hatem Shehata
Ghaydaa Shehata
Ahmed Y. Soliman
Imane Yassine
Amira Yousef
Essam Youssef
Usama Youssef
Ifrah Zawar

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Correspondence to Ahmed M. Abdelalim or Khaled O. Abdulghani.

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Mohammad S. Shehab, Hany Aref and Ayman Nassef—Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Ahmed M. Abdelalim and Khaled O. Abdulghani—Associate Editor

Reda Badry, Mona S. Kamel and Amr Elsamman—Managing Editor

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