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Table 1 A sample of the trend of condensation-abstraction process in this study

From: Depression facilitators from the perspective of Iranian patients with major depressive disorder: a qualitative research

Main category/theme Subcategories Open code Meaning units
Attitudinal factors 1. Negative attitudes around people
2. Negative self-concept
Exacerbation of depression with negative attitudes of others due to lack of jobs.
Exacerbation of depression with a feeling of imperfection
You also know that if someone doesn't have a job, how do they look at him? When they look in that case to me, it makes me depressed.. (P7) (Male. Patient).
After my sister got married and I couldn't get married, I felt that maybe I had a flaw that made no one want to marry me, and I gradually became more depressed.. (P8) (Female. Patient).