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Table 3 Comparison between the two treatment groups regarding the number of cases achieving a minimum of 50% reduction, and the absolute reduction in different migraine severity parameters

From: The role of left prefrontal transcranial magnetic stimulation in episodic migraine prophylaxis

 Active (n = 13) [absolute reduction]Placebo (n = 16)
[absolute reduction]
p value
Migraine attack frequency [number of attacks]9(69.2%) [3.1]4(25%) [1.5]0.02
Migraine days [number of days]9 (69.2%) [3.8]5(31.2%) [2.8]0.048
Severe migraine days [number of days]11 (84.6%) [5.7]8 (50%) [3.3]0.058
NPRS [score difference]3(23%) [2.1]1(6.25%) [1.3]0.2
Single attack duration [h]3(23%) [2.7]1(6.25%) [2.6]0.19
Use of abortive pills [number of pills]6(46.2%) [6]5(32.2%) [5.9]0.3
  1. Patient numbers (percentage), NPRS Numeric Pain Rating Scale