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Table 5 Comparison of video EEG monitoring studies regarding the change of diagnosis

From: Role of short-term video electroencephalogram in monitoring seizure diagnosis

ReferenceNAge (mean) in yearsLength (mean) in hType of testPercentage of change
This study808–57 (18)0.5–8 (3)SVEM*62.5
Foong et al. [24]108> 181–5 daysLVEM*58
Bettini et al. [3]226(34)(18.6)SVEM57
Seneviratne et al. [21]17516–68 (36)3.8SVEM30.9
Villanueva et al. [25]100(34.4)(30)LVEM65
Valente et al. [26]39(6.9)(12)SVEM71.8
Srikumar et al. [23]453–11 (7.9)3–6 (4.6)SVEM22
  1. N number, SVEM* short-term video EEG monitoring, LVEM* long-term video EEG monitoring