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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the cases

From: A case series of post COVID-19 mucormycosis—a neurological prospective

  Gender Age Medical history COVID-19 infection date Time of presentation Cranial nerves involved Mucormycosis type (clinical and radiological basis) Culture/pathology Fate
Patient 1 F 59 DM January 2021 21 days post a negative PCR
14 days since sinusitis
II, III, IV, V2, VI, VII Rhino-orbito-cerebral and cutaneous Not obtained (died pre-operation) Died
Patient 2 M 80 DM, HTN, operated cancer colon, chronic renal impairment April 2021 30 days post a negative PCR
Incidental presentation of palatal blackish ulcer
II Rhino-orbito-cerebral Not obtained (discharged against medical will before procedure) Alive
Patient 3 M 73 DM, HTN, ISHD and cardiac stenting April 2021 14 days post a negative PCR
10 days since sinusitis
III, IV, VI Rhino-orbito-cerebral Positive pathology going with mucormycosis Alive with a lost eye
Patient 4 M 59 DM, HTN March 2021 10 days post a negative PCR
6 days since sinusitis
III, IV, VI Rhino-orbito-cerebral Positive culture (zygomycetes) Alive
  1. F female; M male; DM diabetes mellitus; HTN hypertension; ISHD ischemic heart disease; II, optic nerve; III, oculomotor nerve; IV, trochlear nerve; V2, maxillary division of trigeminal nerve; VI, abducent nerve; VII, facial nerve