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Table 4 Correlation between AchR antibodies titer of the studied patients and studied scores

From: Determinants of quality of life changes with plasmapheresis in patients with myasthenia gravis

  AchR titer
r P value Sig.
Initial QMG score 0.371** 0.001 HS
QMG score after 1 month −0.155 0.175 NS
QMG change −0.306** 0.006 HS
Initial QOL score 0.285* 0.012 S
QOL score after 1 month −0.123 0.285 NS
QOL change −0.262* 0.021 S
  1. NS non-significant, *=S significant, **=HS highly significant, QOL quality of life, QMG quantitative myasthenia gravis, SD standard deviation, AchR acetylcholine receptors