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Table 3 Alpha coefficients if excluding the item and total alpha of the dimensions

From: COVID-19 Infection Stigma Scale: psychometric properties

Variable Cronbach’s alpha
1. I feel shy and ashamed of my infection with coronavirus. 0.86
2. I am frustrated and disappointed because of my infection with coronavirus. 0.85
3. I feel like an unwanted person. 0.88
4. I feel rejected by others because of my illness 0.83
5. I feel that being infected with coronavirus is a punishment for something I did in the past. 0.77
6. Having corona makes me feel inferior and less than others. 0.92
7. Having corona harms the reputation of my family. 0.80
8. I am afraid of being refused and not accepted by my co-workers. 0.90
9. I will be isolated and away from others to avoid being mistreated. 0.82
10. I am afraid that I will lose my work because of my infection. 0.91
11. I am afraid that my family will stay away from me because of my infection. 0.75
12. I am afraid of being avoided by neighbors in the house because of my infection. 0.82
13. I was late in seeking treatment for fear that someone would know that I had corona virus infection. 0.85
14. I feel that it is a must to hide the news of my infection from others. 0.94
Total 0.82