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Table 4 Operative morbidity and mortality. CSF cerebrospinal fluid, No. number

From: Outcomes and issues of 12 chordomas treated in a single center

Adverse events (n = 8) No. of patients
New cranial nerve palsy 1 (Case 5)
Wound infectiona 1 (Case 3)
CSF leak 1 (Case 5)
Temporary tracheostomy 1 (Case 1)
Diabetes insipidus (DI)b 1 (Case 10)
Postoperative stroke 1(Case 6)
Cardiac arrest–full recoverya 1 (Case 3)
Deathb 1(Case 10)
  1. aCase 3 suffered both wound infection and cardiac arrest, after a partial resection of a cervical chordoma, but was successfully resuscitated and fully recovered after a short hospitalization in the ICU
  2. bIn case 10, DI appeared after the first surgery for tumor resection. After disease progression, the patient underwent an open-door maxillotomy and subsequently perished