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Table 2 Correlation between MSSS and TCCD, autonomic functions, and blood pressure in both case groups

From: Assessment of cerebral hemodynamics in multiple sclerosis patients

Tests used p value Significance Tests used p value Significance
Duration of illness (years) − 0.17(S) 0.295 NS 0.769(S) <0.001 S
TCCD, % change 0.271(S) 0.090 NS 0.357(S) 0.024 S
TCCD, BHI − 0.144(S) 0.375 NS − 0.137(S) 0.398 NS
Autonomic total score 0.365(r) 0.021 S 0.182(r) 0.262 NS, systolic, % change 0.203(S) 0.209 NS 0.268(S) 0.094 NS, diastolic, % change 0.073(S) 0.653 NS − 0.281(S) 0.079 NS
  1. MSSS Multiple Sclerosis Severity Scale, TCCD transcranial color-coded Doppler, BHI breath holding index, blood pressure, RRMS relapsing remitting MS, SPMS secondary progressive MS, S significant, NS non-significant
  2. (S)Spearman’s rho test of significance
  3. (r)Correlation coefficient