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Table 1 Demographic and clinical data characteristics for all patients

From: Detection of airway protective level of the cough reflex in acute stroke patients

Demographic and clinical data characteristics
Age in years (mean ± SD)59.59 ± 13.12
A2DS2 (mean ± SD)4.26 ± 1.62
NIHSS(mean ± SD)10.83 ± 5.53
MANN total (mean ± SD)154.59 ± 43.66
Sex (no (%))Male60 (59.4%)
Female41 (40.6%)
Habits (no (%))No64 (63.4%)
Other drug abuse2 (2.0%)
Occupation (no (%))Not working63 (62.4%)
Handedness (no (%))Right98 (97.0%)
Left3 (3.0%)
Medical history (no (%))Medical problem (DM, HTN, IHD, AF, and MI)61 (60.4%)
Neurological problem2 (2.0%)
Medical and neurological problem (epilepsy, TIA, and migraine)21(20.8%)
Medication (no (%))Drug affecting cough (ACE inhibitors)23 (22.8%)
Drug not affecting cough41 (40.6%)
CVS TYPE (no (%))Arterial ischemic87 (86.1%)
Arterial hemorrhagic11 (10.9%)
Venous ischemic2 (2.0%)
Venous hemorrhagic1(1.0%)
CVS location (no (%))Right anterior circulation42 (41.6%)
Left anterior circulation39 (38.6%)
Right posterior circulation9 (8.9%)
Left posterior circulation11(10.9%)
  1. AF atrial fibrillations, ACE inhibitors angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, DM diabetes mellitus, HTN hypertension, MI myocardial infarction, TIA transient ischemic attack