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Table 4 Comparison of serum biomarkers between symptomatic CV (DCI) and asymptomatic CV groups (at vasospasm)

From: Role of serum biomarkers and transcranial Doppler in predicting cerebral vasospasm after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Serum biomarkers (day 2)Symptomatic CV (DCI, n = 9)Asymptomatic CV (n = 10)Independent t test
tp value
vWF (ng/ml)
 Mean ± SD6984.00 ± 1720.656279.60 ± 1449.620.9380.346
VEGF (pg/ml)
 Mean ± SD281.81 ± 97.09262.57 ± 93.270.1940.665
MMP-9 (ng/ml)
 Mean ± SD809.56 ± 169.55787.80 ± 129.650.1000.756
  1. CV cerebral vasospasm, DCI delayed cerebral ischemia, MMP-9 matrix metalloproteinase-9, ng/ml nanograms per milliliter, pg/ml picogram per milliliter, SD standard deviation, VEGF vascular endothelial growth factor, vWF von Willebrand factor