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Table 2 Awareness of Alzheimer’s disease

From: Public awareness, knowledge, and attitude toward Alzheimer’s disease in Aseer region, Saudi Arabia

  Agree Disagree
Do you think that the loss of memory and forgetting names, appointments, and task repetition of questions are normal in the elderly and do not require medical consultation? 59.8% 40.2%
Do you think that the change in the planning matters of everyday life and the difficulty of balancing the financial accounts is expected in the elderly? 67.7% 32.3%
If one of your relatives was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, do you prefer not to tell the person with illness? 56.9% 43.1%
In the case of the patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, do you think that it is best to avoid going to social events and life activities in order to avoid embarrassment to the patient? 24.4% 75.6%
Alzheimer’s disease may result from black magic or psychological distressor bad eye? 34.9% 65.1%
In the case of the appearance of symptoms of dementia and memory disorder for a relative, will you resort to the popular types of alternative medicine? 14.2% 85.8%
In case of difficulty in performing everyday tasks in a patient with Alzheimer’s, do you see it necessary to resort to the judiciary to save the patient's rights? 73.7% 26.3%
Do you feel embarrassed if the diagnosis of your relative is Alzheimer’s disease? 7.1% 92.9%
Do you tend to deny the diagnosis when one of your relatives has Alzheimer’s disease? 9.8% 90.2%
Are you with the care of these patients in nursing homes by the state instead of keeping them at home? 13.9% 86.1%