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Table 4 Binary logistic regression analysis for relevant risk factors in acute ischemic stroke patients

From: New stroke prognostic factors

Risk factorsBS.E.P valueOR95% CI
Cholesterol > 200 mg/dl0.2580.7180.7191.2950.3175.293
Carotid artery stenosis0.1560.9700.8721.1690.1757.818
EFT≥ 5− 1.0210.7620.1800.3600.0811.603
NLR ≥ 2− 2.3570.7250.001*0.0950.0230.392
BMI (overweight and obese)0.6130.8230.4571.8460.3689.271
VWF:Ag in μml0.3790.1540.014*1.4611.0801.977
  1. B beta coefficient, S.E standard error, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. *Means highly significant