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Table 4 Regression coefficient test for FMA–UE and FMA of the hand

From: Biochemical and structural magnetic resonance imaging in chronic stroke and the relationship with upper extremity motor function

FMA-UE > 6 monthsRegression coefficient95% CIp valuesig.
Ipsilesional cortical thickness19.206.84–31.550.003HS
 Ipslesional NAA/Cr ratio27.587.59–47.570.008HS
FMA hand > 6 months
 Ipsilesional cortical thickness5.102.19–8.010.001HS
 Ipsilesional NAA/Cr ratio5.761.05–10.470.018S
  1. S significant, HS highly significant, NAA/Crn-acetylaspartate/creatine ratio, GLX/Cr glutamate/creatine ratio, FMA-UE Fugl Meyer Assessment-upper extremity, FMA Fugl Meyer Assessment