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Table 3 Correlation of cortical thickness and metabolites ratios with mRS, FMA-UE, and FMA of the hand

From: Biochemical and structural magnetic resonance imaging in chronic stroke and the relationship with upper extremity motor function

Whole sample, N = 50Ipsilesion-al cortical thicknessContrale-sional cortical thicknessIpsilesional NAA/Cr ratio (height)Contrale-sional NAA/Cr ratio (height)Ipsilesional GLX/Cr ratio (height)Contrale-sional GLX/Cr ratio (height)
FMA-UE > 6 monthsRs0.4290.0960.3830.0260.148− 0.154
p value0.0020.5070.0060.8560.3060.285
FM hand > 6 monthsRs0.3840.0740.3690.0600.134− 0.154
p value0.0060.6090.0080.6770.3540.284
mRSRs− 0.468− 0.022− 0.456-0.106− 0.2170.180
p value0.0010.8780.0010.4650.1300.212
  1. NAA/Crn-acetylaspartate/creatine ratio, GLX/Cr glutamate/creatine ratio, FMA-UE Fugl Meyer Assessment-upper extremity, FMA Fugl Meyer Assessment, mRS Modified Rankin Scale