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Table 6 Predictors of abnormal urodynamic and severity of urinary symptoms

From: Bladder and urodynamic changes in multiple sclerosis

PredictorsAbnormal urodynamicSeverity of urinary symptoms
OR95% confidence intervalPvalueRegression coefficient95% confidence intervalPvalue
EDSS1.380.92––2.10< 0.01**
Disease duration (years)1.100.82–1.480.490.21− 0.08 to 0.520.15
Number of relapses1.420.73–2.720.290.30− 0.32 to 0.940.34
MS type0.360.001.00− 1.02− 2.64 to 0.590.21
  1. EDSS expanded disability status scale, MS multiple sclerosis, OR odds ratio
  2. P value ≥ 0.05 (non-significant), **P value < 0.01 (highly significant)