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Table 6 Logistic regression analysis between high laboratory parameters and clinical characteristics

From: Serum and urine ghrelin in adult epileptic patients

Laboratory resultsClinical characteristicsORCIp value
Serum AGDuration3.8091.55211.510.00**
Type epilepsy2.1460.85544.1830.68
AEDs responsive2.2361.12839.2130.00**
Serum UAGDuration5.8091.5378.2170.008*
AEDs responsive2.2361.12139.2130.00**
Urine AGDuration0.8090.5371.2170.308
  1. AG acylated ghrelin, UAG unacylated ghrelin, AEDs antiepileptic drugs response
  2. **Highly significant
  3. *Significant